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Nintendo is a widely-known video game company that brings joy and entertainment to families, gamers, fans, and, well... anyone across the globe!

We are a growing Fandom community where we contribute to Wiki-based content on Nintendo, one of the most-successful and largest video game companies in the world. Every day, we are editing, creating, and adding to articles on our favorite franchises, including Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros. and so much more. Not only that - this Fandom also covers information about Nintendo's systems, companies and affiliates, third-party franchises, etc.

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Take a Snap in Pokémon Snap, Coming to NSO 6/24!

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Strike a Goal in Mario Strikers: Battle League!

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Battles Out 7/29!

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Out November 2022

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Emperor Andross is the autoproclaimed emperor of planet Venom and the main antagonist of the Star Fox series, debuting in Star Fox. He is a brilliant scientist who was banished from his home planet of Corneria due to his experiments that were judged unethical by many. He was exiled to the distant planet of Venom as punishment but managed to gather followers and eventually become the emperor of Venom and was at the head of a military force powerful enough to threaten the entire Lylat system.


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Ghirahim le fabuleux Ghirahim le fabuleux 21 days ago

Featured Article - June 2022

This month's featured article is Andross from the Star Fox series. This was chosen by myself as there were no new suggestion made. Don't forget to suggest A class articles on the Nomination page if you want them to be featured for a month.

There is n…

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Ranking every Zelda Game.

17: Tri Force Heroes.

16: Four Swords Adventures.

15: Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.

14: Skyward Sword.

13: Phantom Hourglass.

12: Twilight Princess.

11: Sprit Tracks.

10: The Legend of Zelda.

9: Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

8: Majorcia's Mask.

7: Link's Awakeni…

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BoomBoy64 BoomBoy64 10 May


So, I’ve noticed that their’s been trouble with nobody suggesting good featured articles. Either their is no suggestion made, or the suggestion’s that are made are not good enough. However, I’ve came up with an idea that might help that problem. I t…

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Imagi Studios (closed as of 2010) has submitted a pitch for an animated film based on The Legend of Zelda, which Nintendo ultimately rejected.
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"Everything ends eventually. Even if history is not changed... Even if the world of darkness continues in its current state... Eventually the day will come when I won't be here anymore. Since that's the case, the timing of it doesn't matter. The important thing is not how long you live... It's what you accomplish with your life. While I live, I want to shine. I want to prove that I exist. If I could do something really important... That would definitely carry on into the future. No... Not just into the future. in (Hero) and (Partner)'s future too... My spirit has become part of them, I believe. In them, my spirit is alive. And that spirit could be passed along to others. And so, if I were to disappear... I think all that I have accomplished will go on. That is... That would mean... that it's living, right?"
Grovyle in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness

"Thank you Mario. But our princess is in another castle!"
Toad in Super Mario Bros.

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