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Rakugakids is a fighting game made by Konami for the Nintendo 64. It features an art style based on children's doodles, hence the name, which comes from the Japanese word "Rakugaki" which means doodle. It was never released in America.

The Twinkle Gang sail to an island, where they find magical crayons in a cave, which they split among themselves, but the school bully Val steals the pack with the last two crayons. Val draws Mamezo, and the two cause trouble in Twinkle Town. The Twinkle gang draw their own superheros to stop Val and Mamezo.

Rakugakids has multiple modes, such as the story mode, where you must go up against every character (excluding Inuzo) until you reach the boss, Darkness. There is also a training mode, which lets you train a CPU player to go through the story mode.


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