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Idunn is a character in the Fire Emblem series. She is a Manakete that serves as the final boss of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. She is the Demon Dragon who is also known as the Dark Priestess. She also appears as a playable character in Fire Emblem Heroes.


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Javier10223 Javier10223 9 days ago

Me when Mario 35th anniversary ended

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Ghirahim le fabuleux Ghirahim le fabuleux 9 days ago

Featured Article - April 2021

This month's featured article is Idunn. This was chosen by myself as there were no suggestion made. Don't forget to to suggest A class articles on the Nomination page if you want them to be featured for a month.

idunn is the final boss of Fire Emblem:…

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Cononon Cononon 24 days ago

I just want to say this.

I've actually reported two duplicated posts of mine because I'll might expect the moderators to delete them because in my eyes, I won't tolerate duplicated posts of mine. And I find it pretty silly on my part that at first I thought the posts aren't…

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