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miyamoto is gay
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your gateway to information on everything [[Nintendo]] - from the [[NES]] and the original [[Game Boy]] to the [[Wii]] and the [[Nintendo 3DS]]. This Wiki-based system is free and open to the public - you can contribute to the Nintendo Wiki.
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|Image Size = 90px
|Box1 = '''[[Nintendo playing cards|Playing cards]]'''; Nintendo_cards.png
|Box2 = '''[[List of Nintendo toys|Toys]]'''; Nintendo_toy.png
|Box3 = '''[[List of Nintendo board games|Board games]]'''; Nintendo_board_game.png
|Box4 = '''[[List of Nintendo games|Video games]]'''; Nintendo_video_game.png
|Box5 = '''[[List of Nintendo systems|Systems]]'''; Nintendo_system.png
|Box6 = '''[[List of Nintendo accessories|Accessories]]'''; Nintendo_accessory.png
|Box7 = '''[[List of Nintendo merchandise|Merchandise]]'''; Nintendo_merchandise.png
|Box8 = '''[[List of other Nintendo products|Other]]'''; Nintendo_other.png
<td align="center" style="font-size:95%;"><center>'''Nintendo 3DS'''</center>{{Portal
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|Image Size = 90px
|Box1 = '''[[Nintendo 3DS]]'''; 3DS_box.png
|Box2 = '''[[Pilotwings Resort|Pilotwings]]'''; Pilotwings_box.png
|Box3 = '''[[Nintendogs + Cats|NIntendogs]]'''; Nintendogs_box.png
|Box5 = '''[[Steel Driver]]'''; SD_Box.png
|Box6 = '''[[Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition|SF4]]'''; SF4_box.png
|Box7 = '''[[Mii]]'''; Mii_box.png
<gallery type="slider" orientation="bottom">
Pokemon_Slider_2.png|Pokémon|link=Pokémon Black and White|linktext=Pokémon Black and White are here with over 150 new Pokémon!
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[[Category:Nintendo Wiki]]

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miyamoto is gay

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