These "No Box Art" images are to be used in game articles for which an official box art was never produced, as in the case of cancelled or unreleased games. (For an example, see NHL Blades of Steel 2000 (N64).) The last image on this list can be used for any other article for which an image cannot be found.


Image System File Name
No Box Art NES Nintendo Entertainment System File:No Box Art NES.png
No Box Art SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System File:No Box Art SNES.png
No Box Art N64 Nintendo 64 File:No Box Art N64.png
No Box Art GC GameCube File:No Box Art GC.png
No Box Art Wii Wii File:No Box Art Wii.png
No Box Art Wii U Wii U File:No Box Art Wii U.png


Image System File Name
No Box Art GB Game Boy File:No Box Art GB.png
No Box Art VB Virtual Boy File:No Box Art VB.png
No Box Art GBC Game Boy Color File:No Box Art GBC.png
No Box Art GBA Game Boy Advance File:No Box Art GBA.png
No Box Art NDS Nintendo DS File:No Box Art NDS.png
No Box Art 3DS Nintendo 3DS File:No Box Art 3DS.png


Image Description File Name
No Image Available Generic "No Image Available" image File:No Image Available.png
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