This is a guide about images.

The wiki would like the highest quality images as possible within the 10MB limit. It is recommended to use ".png" as it is the best, although for animated images you must use ".gif". Ideally, screenshots should be in the game's native resolution.

File Types

These are some of the common image types.

File Type Information Rating
.jpg This image type can't have transparency. And it usually distorts the image. Can't have animations. Very Bad
.gif This image type can have transparency. But it sometimes slightly distorts the image. Can have animations. Ok
.png This image type can have transparency. And it does not distort the image. Can't have animations. Great

File Names

When uploading a file, the image should be appropriately named. When going through Special:Upload, an option to rename is listed as the first section of File Description. When uploading a file directly into a page, the prompt will bring up the option to change the file name before it is uploaded to the wiki. Otherwise, the file has to be renamed before uploading.

The general guidelines for an image is to prefix it with the game of origin (an abbreviation or an acronym are acceptable as long as they do not overlap with other games and make sense), then the name of the object or character in the picture. If there is more than 1 image for this character in this game, a number suffix can be added.

If the image uploaded is a box art, then the file name should be the full title of the game followed by the region the box art is for.

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