This is a guide to figuring out how to do a disambiguation page to clarify more ambiguous articles into multiple pages

Step 1-moving the old content

First off, there is the old content which is largely true for one aspect of the term, but likely not covering all aspects of the term or its making it too confusing. Say for example there is the page Golf which is talking about the NES game. However, there are other uses for the term on Golf on this wiki, like the Genre or the mode in Wii Sports. The simple solution is to rename the page to something else that is more precise. The way to rename articles is to go to the "Edit" button and click on the arrow to make the dropdown menu appear. Then, click on the Rename part. You will be taken to a new page. In this page there is a textbox next to a dropdown menu that is listed as "To new title". Leave the dropdown menu alone and input the new name in this format: Original Title (specification). So in the case of the Golf example, you put Golf (NES) in the textbox. Make sure the check box next to Leave a redirect behind is checked and click the button Rename Page. Then, a new page is created with the  new title and the old page is a mostly blank redirect page where the next step takes place.

Step 2-making the disambiguation page

Now that there isn't the old content to worry about, the next part is to turn the old page from a redirect page into a disambiguation page. To get to this page, click the link in the new page that was made or change the URL to the one from the old page. Now, actually click the edit button this time and go to source mode. Erase the stuff in the page and insert this code at the bottom of the page to signify that it's a disambiguation page.


Next part is to add some content to give some context. The correct format to display it correctly

Article Title could refer to:

  • [[Article Title (type 1)]] – description of type 1
  • [[Article Title (type 2)]] – description of type 2
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