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References are sources used to prove information. Our policy here on the Nintendo Wiki is that references aren't required except for controversial edits (ex. Information about a just announced console or game). References can be either text, links, or both. Text references would generally only be used to use a quote(s) as a source. Whenever you add a source you should put it directly after the sentence or text that it applies to.

Reference Guide - Ref
An Example of some references

Adding references is easy. References use a very simple coding structure. To make a link reference use the following format, but change the link and the link text. A text link can be done the same way, but you just have to put the text between the "<ref>" tags.

<ref>[ Text]</ref>

One difficulty you might face with adding references is having two or more things from the same source. If you try doing it normally it would create two of the same sources. To fix that you can give the source a name. Below you can see an example of a named source.

Note: For every source that is repeated you do not have to put anything between the "<ref>" tags, you just have to make sure that it has the correct source name.

<ref name="exampleSourceName">[ Text]</ref>

If there are any references in an article then you must make sure to add this code to the bottom of the article (But above any stub templates) in the source editor.



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