Nintendo Puzzle Collection is a compilation of three classic Nintendo created puzzle titles that were released in a single disc for the GameCube. Despite being developed by Washington based developer Nintendo Software Technology (note: the game was co-developed by Intelligent Systems), the game was released exclusively in Japan and not in America or Europe. The three games that were included are Yoshi's Cookie, Panel de Pon, and Dr. Mario 64. The two latter games were enhanced, though Dr. Mario 64 remained the same as its Nintendo 64 incarnation, which was never released to Japanese audiences. In the game, Dr. Mario 64 was known simply as Dr. Mario, perhaps not to suggest that the game was actually intended for the Nintendo 64 instead of the GameCube.


Dr. Mario 64

  • No alterations were made in the game excluding the removal of references to the Nintendo 64. The game's name was changed from Dr. Mario 64 to Dr. Mario.

Yoshi's Cookie

  • The game's graphics were enhanced, as was the game's music.
  • A four player mode was included that wasn't present in previous versions of the game.

Panel de Pon

  • The game's graphics and sound were enhanced for the GameCube format.
  • The 3D mode from Pokémon Puzzle League was included.
  • New characters are found in the game.
  • A new four player mode is included.

GBA connectivity

Using a Game Boy Advance and a link cord, the player can play the game's original versions on the Game Boy Advance that appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The games will remain until the player shuts the Game Boy Advance off, and it is okay to unplug the cord after the game had been downloaded, though it will have to be replugged if the player wishes to download it again after the system is shut down.

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