Nintendo Power V276 was the March 2012 issue of Nintendo Power.


A Great Start

The Rayman Revolution

Open Sesame

Power to the People

The End is Nigh

Left Out Lefties

Only Human

Review Redux

Ready to Ride

Circular Reasoning

The Truth is Out There

Special Letter Request: What's the best part of Skyward Sword?

The Score: Japanese RPGS, Which Contra Character names are better?, Have you ever played Pinball? Which Sega Series should return? Which is cooler for Link to ride?, When I regularly read about a big name game that won't be out for a while,How old were you when you got into video games?, Have you ever made a custom level for a game?

Power Up

Good People Die

Captain Commando

Satoru Iwata

A winner is The reduced 40$ price for Resident Evil: Revelations

Dodongo Dislikes Cheaters on Maka Wuhu in Mario Kart 7

Best Video Game Moments

Missiles Incoming! Contra III The Alien Wars

Star Power: Daisy

1989 Nobody ever took notice of Daisy until she got kidnapped

1991 Forced to carry Luigi's golf clubs

2000 After a nine-year hiatus Daisy makes a comeback and is promoted to a playable character

2003 Teams up with Princess Peach to show the boys how to handle a kart

2006 Continues to prove she's got game pulling by pulling off a sweet dunk in a Moogie

2008 Still not invited to a melee or brawl Daisy has to show up in sticker form

Favorite Daisy games

Super Mario Land

Mario Power Tennis

Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Kart 7

"If there's beauty you want then there's no need to prove it"! Daisy is fairest of all - Mario Party 3

Collectors Corner

Mario Kart

Atlus's Endrien Odlessey

Power Quiz

Which game featured Mario as the villain?

What Nintendo arcade cabinet gave gamers a selection of 10 NES games to play?

What two Punch Out adversaries appeared only in the game's original arcade release

Answers: Donkey Kong Jr., PlayChoice 10, Kid Quick and Puzzle Place

Warp Zone

5 years ago

Sonic and the Secret Rings

10 years ago

Sonic the Hedgehog

20 years ago

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


Game Gear Titles

Nintendo Zone

Evaluation Station: Paper Wars Cannon Fudder, Soccer Up, Stonekeep Bones of the Ancestors, Zombi Attack, Chronicles of Vampires Origins, Doodle Fit, Elite Forces Unit 77, Gaia's Moon, Quick Fill Q, 3 Heroes Crystal Soul,101 Pinball World, Cake Ninja, Castle Conquerors, Slingo Supreme, WordJong Arcade, Bionic Commando, Blaster Master, World Below,Tetris, Sakura Samurai, Mighty Switch Force, Samurai Sword Destiny


Kid Icarus Uprising

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure

Shifting World

Darksiders II


Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Skylanders Giants

Xenoblade Chronicles

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

2011 Nintendo Power Awards

Game of the Year Nintendo Wii: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Game of the Year Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land

Game of the Year Nintendo DS: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Game of the Year Eshop: VVVVV

Best Graphics Wii: Rayman Origins

Best Graphics Nintendo 3DS: Star Fox 64 3D

Best Graphics Nintendo DS: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Best Original Soundtrack: Rayman Origins

Best Role-Playing/Strategy Game: Radiant Historia

Best Adventure Game: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Best Racing Game: Mario Kart 7

Best Sports Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Best Shooter: Star Fox 64 3D

Best Fighting Game: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

Best Multiplayer: Mario Kart 7

Best Platformer: Super Mario 3D Land

Best New Character: Dr. Lautrec

Best Story/Writing: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Best New Idea: StreetPass Mii Plaza

Best Retro Revival: Sonic Generations

Best Stereoscopic 3D: Super Mario 3D Land

Finish Strong Award: Super Mario 3D Land

Biggest What The Heck Moment: Space Lincoln and Space Washington

Most Infuriating: Fun Fun Island

Creep of the Year: The Trainer

Best Hat: Cheeseburger

Overall Game of the Year: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Power Profiles

Hirokazu Yasuhara


Lunar Legend


Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

Mario Party 9

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Poképark 2

Funky Barn 3D

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Review Archives: The Kore Gang, Giana Sisters DS, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Ace Combat 3D


Photo Challenge's Theme Happy Holidays

Next Month

We'll take a look at Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion and Power of Two

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