Nintendo Power Vol 274 is the December issue of 2011.


What a Crazy Year!

Walk of Fame

Snakes a Lot

Big Bad Bellum

Zelda in a Form of a Question

Done and Done

Know the Score

Rising Sun Fun

Suck it Up

Save the Princess, Paisano!

Special Letter Request: What's the worst that you've ever been stuck in a game?

Score: Original Compositions, Zelda Games, Recieve Games as Gifts, By playing a recent Zelda game, Super Mario Bros,Mario and Bowser, Nintendo selects Games, Funky Kong

Power Up

Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Legend of Zelda Symphony Concert

Shifting World

A winner is: Buy two get one free video game sales

Dodongo Dislikes: Being left out of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Best Video Game Moment

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker GCN 2003 Ganondorf's Demise

Star Power: Mario

Career Graph

1981 Mario's girlfriend gets kidnapped by a ornery ape

1981 But then Mario knocks down the ape

1983 Mario's spotlight gets taken away by his brother Luigi

1985 After several toad fakeouts, Mario finally rescues the princess

1992 Mario gets his first car but then slips into a banana and crashes into a green pipe

2005 Mario must babysit himself in a cruel twist of fate

2008 Mario plants a fisted punch in Sonic's face

2009 Mario must look in Bowser's organs. Yuck!

Our favorite Mario games

Super Mario Bros 3 1990, NES

Super Mario World 1991 SNES

Super Mario 64 1996 n64

Super Mario Galaxy Wii 2007

It's a me Mario Super Mario 64 1996 n64

Power Quiz

In the movie, The Wizard which NES acessory does Lucas Barton love because it's so bad?

The lovable robot was originally included with the NES was named R.O.B. What does R.O.B stand for?

What two NES accessories allowed up to four players to play games simultaneously?

Answers: The Power Glove, Robotic Operating Buddy, The NES Four Score and the NES Satelitte

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Pokemon Global Link

Warp Zone

5 years ago

Wii Console

10 years ago

Super Smash Bros. Melee

20 years ago

Metroid II: The Return of Samus

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Interview

Collector's Corner

Potbelly, Shadow, Sonic Action Figures

Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Wily, Zero, Dr. Light, Explode Man, Bird and Trash Can Action Figures

Readers Most Wanted


Wii U

Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo 3DS Updates

Mutant Mudds

Pokedex 3D Cards

Mighty Switch Force!

Evaluation Station: 100 In 1 Explosive Megamix, Anima: Ark Of Sinners, Horizon Riders, Fish Tank, Castle Conquerer Revolution, Furry Legends, 1001 Blockbusters, CatTrap, Double Dragon, Burger Time Deluxe, Side Pocket, Pyramids



Resident Evil: Revelations

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Nintendo Power Holiday Buyer's Guide

Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Donkey Kong Games

Power Profiles

Alex Neuse





Brawl Toys

Photo Challenge: This Month's Theme Halloween

Next Month

We take a look at 2012 and it's hottest upcoming games not only that but also Kid Icarus: Uprising. Speaking of Kid Icarus there is a 3D Classics also coming out for the original Kid Icarus
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