Nintendo Power V271 is the September 2011 issue of Nintendo Power.


How Do You Like Your Hyrule?

More Carnage!

Zelda Memorie

Viva VC

No Respect for DK

Tanooki Nook

Photo Company

Megaman Prime

Kid Icarus Metroid

Special Letter Request: What did you think of Nintendo's 2011 e3?

Score: Kirby Mass Attack, Polygonal Mario, Depth Slider, Black, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Bowser, Barry Burton, Ocarina of Time

Power Up

Fishing Resort

Anniversary Presents

News in Japan

A Winner is Streetfighter Controls

Dodongo Dislikes Upproved Zelda Bombs

Star Power: Donkey Kong

First Appearance

Donkey Kong 1981 Arcade

1981 Donkey Kong makes a fine debut

1981... but the poor ape takes a turn for the worse when Mario drops the poor guy on his head.

1982 Adding insult to injury, Donkey Kong gets locked up in a cage.

1983 Mario doesn't bother to show, Donkey Kong must battle third fellow Stanley the Bug Exterminator

1994 Fights and defeats the evil Kremlings

1995 Gets kidnapped again and lets his nephew embark on a quest.

2009 Donkey Kong learns to be a master of the mastgelic arts

2010 Donkey Kong makes a comeback and fights freakish bosses

Favorite Donkey Kong Games

Donkey Kong 1994 Game Boy

Donkey Kong Country 1994 SNES

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat GCN 2005

Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii 2010

Whatcha do that for? I was having a nice nap. Donkey Kong Land 2

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D

Power Quiz

How many blocks are there in Tetris

What was the last NES game to be sold?

What Japanese RPG game was the best of Tetris

Answers: Seven, Wario's Woods, Puzzle League and Tetris Attack

Warp Zone

5 years ago

Giana Sisters DS

10 years ago

Resident Evil 4

20 years ago

Super Castlevania IV


Nintendo 3DS Ambassodor Games Pokedex 3D

Evaluation System: Final Fantasy 3, Links Awakening DX, Brawl Brothers, Megaman 6, Bomberman 64, Snoopy Tennis


Professor Layton and the Last Spector

Aliens: Infestation

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nano Assualt

Frogger 3D

Resident Evil Revalations

Kirby Mass Attack


Kirby's Return to Dream Land by Chris Slate

The Nintendo 64 Age of Innovation by Phil Theobald

Resident Evil: Revelations by Justin Cheng




Star Fox 64 3D

Shinobi 3D


Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D

Kirby Mass Attack

Rayman Origins

Sonic Generations


Link,Yoshi,Bowser,Daisy,Mario, Paintings of specific Nintendo characters

Next Month

We will put on our Tanooki Tails and jot down every last detail we see in Super Mario 3D Land.

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