Nintendo Power V269 is the July 2011 issue of Nintendo Power.


Zelda Graphics

Rayman Raving Fun

Fire Emblem DS Wanters

Correction for Vol. 263

Photo Request

Photo Power

What game would you announce to e3?

Score: Ryu, Bowser, Sonic Generations, Rayman, Burper

Power Up

Wii U

Star Power: Tingle

Power Quiz: What classic guy appeared in the Game and Watch Series

When did the classic guy first appear

How many Game and Watch games are there

Answers: Mr Game and Watch, Ball, 50

Warp Zone: Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Golf, Castlevania


Fishing Resort

Evaluation Stadium: Angry Birds, Castlevania 2, Monster, Paintshop, Bit Trip Fluxe, Shave Me, Grilling


Captain America: Super Soldier

Lego Star Wars 2

Sonic Generations

Madden NFL Football 2

Back to the Future


Rayman Origins

Best Heroes

Star Fox 64 3D

Zelda: Skyward Sword

Power Profiles

Mashiro Sakurai




Sonic Generations

Megaman Legends 3

Streetfighter IV

Pacman Party

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Streetfighter 3


The Legend of Chris Slate

Next Month

We will celebrate the SNES 20th anniversary by either pressing purple buttons or riding green guys.

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