Nintendo Power volume 235 is the 235th issue of Nintendo Power initially shipped in mid-October of 2008 despite being claimed as the December issue. It featured Animal Crossing: City Folk on the cover and was the second issue to feature an exclusive cover for subscribers, the first being Nintendo Power V234. Other games present in the issue include Chrono Trigger, Suikoden: Tierkreis, Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, Wii Music, and various other titles.

Wii Channels

In this monthly section the readers were given a lengthy preview of WiiWare video game Lit, developed by Way Forward, the team behind Contra 4 and Shante. It was written by Chris Hoffman. Other information in this section included news on Sandy Beach and downloadable content for Mega Man 9. As always, reviews were present for games released on both the WiiWare service and on the Virtual Console. Unlike the reviews of retail games, reviews of downloadable titles are graded by bad (Grumble Grumble), so-so (Hmmm...), and good (Recommended).

TitleScoreWW/VCReviewerWii Points
Groovin' Blocks Recommended WiiWare George S. 800
Mega Man 9 Recommended WiiWare Chris H. 1,000
My Aquarium Hmmm... WiiWare Justin C. 500
Potpourrii Hmmm... WiiWare George S. 800
Plattchen Twist 'N' Paint Grumble Grumble WiiWare Chris H. 1,000
Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free Recommended WiiWare Chris H. 1,000

Animal Crossing: City Folk

In this article, written by Alan Averill (former NoA treehouse employee), Alan delivered commentary for four of the game's days, explaining each one with great detail, while also giving information on the game's new characters and events. The article concluded with an interview with Ann Lin and Reiko Ninomiya, two of the game's localization members who translated the game from Japanese into English. In the interview they explained that different countries get different holidays, even South Korea. They also explained the very demanding process of translating it.


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