This is the September 2008 issue of Nintendo Power, labeled as Volume 232. It's featured articles included Sonic and the Black Knight, Dead Rising: Chop till You Drop, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Little King's Story, Mario Super Sluggers, and Mushroom Men.

Cover Story

The latest Sonic game to be revealed in Nintendo Power is Sonic and the Black Knight, a sequel of sorts to Sonic and the Secret Rings. The plot for the time being has Sonic being transferred from his world to a Medieval world by a sorceress named Merlina. In this world the legendary King Arthur has turned into the Black Knight for unknown reasons. Sonic will do battle with various foes with the use of a sword named Calibur. The sword is controlled by the Wii remote and you can perform a number of attacks. Sonic can acquire more swords and other equipment in the game by purchasing them or finding them treasure chests. Some of these items can even be combined to create new items. In total there will be 200 pieces of equipment for Sonic to use. There is a knighthood related ranking system that will be an important element in the game. Sonic can raise ranks by helping civilians and can lower rank if he accidentally hurts them. A high rank is beneficial in the way that it makes acquiring equipment much easier.

There are few returning elements from Sonic and the Secret Rings. The skill system will be improved so that it is not a hindrance during gameplay. The mission structure returns as well, though not as many missions will be required to complete to move one. The Soul Gauge from Sonic and the Secret Rings is replaced with a new yet to be named gauge that, when full, allows for a powerful attack that destroys multiple enemies. Of the all the elements, speed is still a priority in the game and the developers are trying to insert swordplay into fast-paced adventuring. Though there are not many games that are like Sonic and the Black Knight, the development team is trying different things until the final product feels true to a Sonic game.


In all there were eleven reviews in this issue. The highest rated game of the month was Madden NFL 09, though the featured review was of Bangai-O Spirits, whose review took up an entire page. The lowest rated game was Alone in the Dark for Wii. The reviews included:

TitleScoreConsoleReviewerESRB Rating
Alone in the Dark 4.0 Wii Justin C. 06ESRB - M Mature
Bangai-O Spirits 8.0 DS Casey L. 04ESRB - E 10+ Everyone 10+
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith 7.0 Wii Justin C. 05ESRB - T Teen
Guitar Hero: On Tour 8.0 DS Justin C. 04ESRB - E 10+ Everyone 10+
Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns 5.0 DS Chris Sh. 05ESRB - T Teen
Madden NFL 09 All-Play 9.0 Wii Steve T. 03ESRB - E Everyone
MLB Power Pros 2008 7.0 Wii Steve T. 03ESRB - E Everyone
NCAA Football 09 All-Play 5.0 Wii Chris Sh. 03ESRB - E Everyone
New International Track and Field 8.0 DS George S. 04ESRB - E 10+ Everyone 10+
Order Up! 7.0 Wii Chris H. 03ESRB - E Everyone
Rock Band Track Pack - Volume 1 6.5 Wii Tom H. 05ESRB - T Teen

Virtual Console and WiiWare reviews

TitleScoreWW/VCReviewerWii Points
Block Breaker Deluxe Recommended WiiWare George S. 800
Cocoto Fishing Master Grumble Grumble WiiWare George S. 700
Gyrostarr Hmmm... WiiWare Steve T. 700
Magnetica Twist Hmmm... WiiWare Chris H. 1000
My Pokémon Ranch Recommended WiiWare Scott P. (pick of the month) 1000
Alex Kid in Miracle World Recommended Virtual Console Chris Sl. 500
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa Hmmm... Virtual Console Chris H. 600
Burning Fight Hmmm... Virtual Console Chris H. 900
Dig Dug Hmmm... Virtual Console Tom H. 600
Fatal Fury 2 Recommended Virtual Console Chris H. (pick of the month) 900
Samurai Shodown Recommended Virtual Console Justin C. (pick of the month) 900


  • On the Mushroom Wars preview, the first page, which featured a large piece of artwork, a R.O.B. and an NES controller could be seen in the background towering over the waling mushrooms.

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