Normal poster

The poster included with Nintendo Power volume 200. Illustrated by J.Scott Campbell.

Nintendo Power v200 is an issue of Nintendo Power released in February 2006. It featured Resident Evil: Deadly Silence on the front cover and within featured the last forty games of Nintendo Power's Top 200 Games. Games that were covered included Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, From Russia with Love, Peter Jackson's King Kong and Final Fantasy IV. This issue came with a poster illustrated by J. Scott Campbell, a long time Nintendo fan.

Drawn to Nintendo

Famous comic book artist J.Scott Campbell returned to Nintendo Power in this issue. Not since Nintendo Power V6 did Campbell perform artwork for the magazine. A special article dedicated to him is in this issue. Campbell is a long time Nintendo fan with The Legend of Zelda being his favorite game. A poster illustrated by Campbell was included with this issue.
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