Nintendo Power V15 is the 15th issue of Nintendo Power magazine. It is also a complete strategy guide for the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos. No other games were covered in the issue and there was no contest. The cover of the issue labeled it as Vol. SG2/NP15, SG standing for Strategy Guides. Over the next few months, Nintendo Power would release two other issues that focused solely on strategies for specific games. This issue covered every aspect of Ninja Gaiden II in great detail, from every act to every enemy. It also contained a fold out poster. Comic pages were scattered throughout the strategy guide depicting different events in the game.


The Legend of the Dragon Ninja

The first page from the "Act VI" section

This 2-page section discussed the story of the game and gave a brief overview of the previous Ninja Gaiden game.

The Players

This section introduced four of the main characters: the main ninja character Ryu Hayabusa, CIA Agent Irene Lew, U.S. Army Special Intelligence operative Robert T. Sturgeon, and Ashtar, "The Emperor of Darkness".


These two pages had complete listings of all the baddies the player faces within the game.


This 2-page section gave information on all the items, power-ups and weapons in the game.

Techniques of the Ninja

This page talked about the different moves a player can perform. These included: Split your body for multiple attacks, Attack from the wall, and Swift kick-off jump from the wall.


The next section consisted of over 55 pages worth of maps and details about each and every area within the 7 Acts: Act I - City Ambush, Act II - The Journey to Lahia, Act III - The Deadly Tower, Act IV - The Maze of Darkness, Act V - The Wrath of Ashtar, Act VI - The Castle of Chaos, and Act VII - The Almighty Evil. It also revealed all the hidden secrets for each area.