Nintendo PowerFest '94 was a competition Nintendo of America hosted in the year 1994. The competition featured four teams battling to get the highest score on three different games including Super Mario Kart, Super Mario All-Stars, and Ken Griffey Jr. Home Run Derby. The players would start with Super Mario All-Stars, go onto Super Mario Kart, and end with Ken Griffey. In each game the player would have to finish a given task which was explained on the title screen of each title. All three minigames were included on one cartridge titled Nintendo PowerFest '94. Though Nintendo initially created 33 cartridges, only 2 cartridges remain with the other 31 being taken apart for parts by Nintendo of America. The single cartridge has been seen on selling for $300,000, though it had no buyers. The sole owner of the cartridge has his own website where he ripped the maps from the game and took screenshots of it as well (it can be found here). The finals of the competition took place at Sea World in San Diego, California.


The first game the players would be required to play was Super Mario All-Stars. In this game they would play a single level from the game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. In it, the player had the simple task of completing the first level. The next task was completing five laps of the first track from Super Mario Kart. It's unclear if you were allowed to choose your character. The final game present was the Home Run Derby game, where your task was to hit as many homerunners as possible.

  • Super Mario All-Stars - Play the first level of The Lost Levels.
  • Super Mario Kart - Finish five laps of the first track.
  • Ken Griffey Jr.'s Home Run Derby - Get as many homers as possible.

The player had six minutes to complete all of the above. The winner was determined by the amount of points he earned by the end of the six minutes.


In all there were four teams of many people. The four different teams were named after natural disasters, and included 1. Cyclones, 2. Hurricanes, 3. Tornadoes, and 4. Typhoons. The two finalists were both from the Tornadoes. In the end, Mike Iarossi beat Brandon Veach.


The Nintendo PowerFest '94 was mentioned in the "subscriber's only" section of Nintendo Power V68 in January 1995.


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