Nintendo Points Card - 2000 Nintendo Points

Nintendo Points Card (2000 Nintendo Points).

Nintendo Points Cards are cards that can be purchased at retailers for the use of the Wii's Wii Shop Channel, the Nintendo DSi's Nintendo DSi Shop and the Nintendo 3DS's Nintendo eShop.

On the back the buyer is required to remove the seal by scratching it, preferably with a coin. Once done a code is then revealed which can be entered on the console or handheld, thus redeeming points that can be used to purchased unique games made specifically for it or classic titles released on past consoles. Originally the Nintendo Points Card was titled Wii Points Card when the service was available exclusively on that console, though was changed to accommodate the newly arrived Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS and the already established Wii console. The DSi and 3DS's Shop Channels are both like the Wii's, but instead are used to buy DSiWare or 3DSWare respectively, similar to WiiWare. One may also buy various channels on the shop channels, and each card can only be used once which means that one can't split the points between a system.


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