The Nintendo Licensing Division is a company within Nintendo that produces Nintendo published titles that have been developed by third party companies. They license out characters to third parties to be used in their video games, such as giving Namco the rights to include Link in Soul Calibur II for the GameCube. They oversee projects that Nintendo will publish but are being developed by outside companies, and have made games such as Mario Party and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles possible. It's unknown exactly how many games the division has worked on, but the number is presumably high considering how many games Nintendo publishes that outside developers have created. The company was headed by general manager Shinji Hatano until he was replaced by Susumu Tanaka.

Within the Nintendo Licensing Division is the Operation Department, the unnamed software quality control department, and the famous Kyoto research center known as Super Mario Club

List of games

IP Management companies

Some Intellectual Properties that have shared rights between partners have resulted in the formation of companies to handle the multimedia rights. These are

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