The Nintendo GameCube controller features four face buttons, three shoulder buttons, a start button, a control stick, a C-stick, and a D-pad. It features rumble feedback and was made specifically to be comfortable in the player's hands. The L and R buttons each have a digital and analog mode. The digital mode is when the player presses the button so that it clicks, whereas analog is when they don't exert as much pressure on the controller. This features causes them to each have two buttons. The third shoulder button, which is purple and is known as the Z button, does not have this feature.

When in circulation, a single GameCube controller would come with every GameCube. The color of the controller would match that of the GameCube that they purchased. A couple of years after the release of the GameCube, Nintendo released the WaveBird, a wireless variation of the GameCube controller that was a bit bulkier.

The Nintendo GameCube Controller had several official variations: the WaveBird, The special grey controller that came with the Panasonic Q, and the ASCII Keyboard Controller. There is also the Game Boy Player Controller developed by HORI. In addition, a few games could turn the Game Boy Advance into a GameCube Controller with the Game Boy Advance to Nintendo GameCube Link Cable.

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  • A Button
  • B Button
  • Y Button
  • X Button
  • L Button
  • R Button
  • Z Button
  • Control Stick
  • C Stick
  • Directional Pad
  • Start and Pause Button