The Nintendo Fun Club News was a bi-monthly newsletter published by Nintendo of America. The first issue debuted in 1987. Subscribers were given information regarding Nintendo published video games and were shown how to become a master at titles such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo advertised the Fun Club via flyers and video game boxes. Doc Louis from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! once even mentioned the Nintendo Fun Club in the video game. In all there were only seven issues due to Nintendo revamping and reintroducing it as Nintendo Power.


There were many monthly sections that were featured in each issue, or a majority of them. They include:

  • Prez Sez: Howard Phillips gave an introduction to each issue in the beginning.
  • Pro's Corner: Content written by the creators of the Nintendo Fun Club.
    • Cover story: Information on the game featured on the cover.
    • Tips and Tricks: Secrets regarding popular video games at the time. Despite being written by the writers of the newsletter, they nevertheless asked their readers to send in tips.
  • Members Forum: Member submitted information and content.
    • Top 5: Players would send in what their favorite games were and the Fun Club would list them in order on this page, accompanied by how many points they got. Points were determined by where each game was ranked. The Legend of Zelda was generally a favorite among gamers.
    • Review: Reviews submitted by Nintendo Fun Club members. Were typically always positive.
    • Scores of Fun: Accomplishments readers have made in various video games. Infamous for misspelling Ganon's name to Gannon.
    • Ho-Ho-Ho Video: Video game related jokes submitted by Nintendo Fun Club readers (ex: "What do you call it when you get lost in The Legend of Zelda? A: A missing Link).
    • Member Game Tips: Tips submitted by the newsletter's readers.
    • Mail Bag: Reader submitted mail that is answered by the writers of the newsletter.
  • Puzzler Place: A section that contains puzzles such as crosswords that are all related to Nintendo video games.


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