Nintendo Force Magazine or also known as NF Magazine is a fan-made Nintendo magazine. It was made by the staff of several Nintendo fan-sites to be the successor to Nintendo Power. It was revealed on December 21, 2012, notably being 10 days after the last issue of Nintendo Power was released.[1] The magazine has been going for 7 years over 40 issues under its belt.


Nintendo Force Magazine (Announcement Infographic)

Nintendo Force Magazine's announcement infographic

After the initial year, Nintendo Force ran a Kickstarter for the year's subscription. Both years, they were successful exceeding their goals by several thousands. In the fourth year onward, they switched to Patreon. Patrons donate a certain amount bimonthly and get the most recent issue in a format depending on how much was paid with the physical price being lower than the . Patrons are also entered in automatically in contests that they do.

Initially, Nintendo Force was mainly available at where you pay $18 - $20 for an issue. This is discounted by 80% for a subscription. This was changed in the third year to be their own website,, with $2.99 per issue digital and $6.99 per issue physically in the United States.


The first issue released January 11, 2013 and there have been issue bimonthly ever since leading to a total of 32 issues.
  • Volume 5 - First Alternate Cover issue
  • Volume 7 - First volume of year two
  • Volume 13 - First volume of year three
  • Volume 14 - First split cover
  • Volume 17 - Volume that commemorates Satoru Iwata
  • Volume 19 - First volume of year four
  • Volume 25 - First volume of year five
  • Volume 31 - First volume of year six


Nintendo Force does not really have any permanent staff, but instead various members of various games journalism and Nintendo fansites regularly contribute. Their regular staff include:

  • Lucas M. Thomas (IGN)
  • David Oxford (1UP)
  • Neal Ronaghan (Nintendo World Report)
  • Corbie Dillard (NintendoLife)
  • Daan Koopman (Freelance Nintendo writer)
  • Evan Campbell (Nintendojo, IGN video writer)
  • Kevin Knezevic (Nintendojo)
  • Chris Carter (Destructoid)
  • Jonathan Holmes (Destructoid)
  • Tony Ponce (Destructoid)
  • Kevin Cassidy (GoNintendo)
  • Mark Kelly (
  • Nadia Oxford (Freelance writer, Tiny Girl Tiny Games)
  • Matthew Taranto (Brawl in the Family)
  • Thor Thorvaldson (Illustrator)


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