DS Lite version.

The Nintendo DS Browser is a version of the Opera internet browser made for the Nintendo DS.

The Opera software plugs into the DS cartridge slot, and RAM is plugged into the GBA slot for cache storage. Once the DS is turned on, you connect to the Nintendo WFC with whatever settings you may have had before. No friend codes are necessary. The name of the website can be typed in with an on-screen keyboard or written out using the touch screen. When IGN went hands-on with the browser, they found it to be slow, comparing it to dial-up. However, they believe that it was because the browser was connecting to a Japanese server, as Opera is currently available only in Japan.

DS version.

However, they said that the functionality was excellent. The top screen is used for the main display, and the bottom screen shows a zoomed-in version of the display. The browser doesn't support a lot of Internet standards: no Flash, movie files, images other than .GIF and .JPG (and possibly .PNG), and no Java. IGN is quoted saying, "it's so crippled and slow that it's very close to unusable."

The browser also had connection problems with most systems and would get an error message stating that the device wasn't accepted by the network. This browser tended to work in public areas like restaurants and coffee shops.

These may be bad signs for Nintendo gamers, as Opera is also scheduled to appear on the Wii. However, the Wii does have the processing power to handle a browser, and can almost be considered like a personal computer.

Two versions of this program were made. The most common one was the browser made for the DS Lite, which was available at most major retailers. However, a version that would work in the regular DS as well as the Lite was also released, but only by ordering it through Nintendo. That version is thus very rare and hard to find, like Electroplankton.

The browser was discontinued in late 2007 due to poor sales, while the systems remained in production until 2014. The Nintendo DSi has this program available for free download in its DSiWare catalog until March 31, 2017.

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