Nintendo Australia is a division of Nintendo responsible for the distribution and marketing of Nintendo products to Australian, New Zealander and other Oceanian markets. The headquarters is located in Scoresby, A city in Victoria.

Sales and income[]

Nintendo Australia currently, have a revenue of 105.9 million Australian Dollars. It had distributed deals with larger and known companies such as Capcom, Sega, Enix, Namco, Atlus and Kemco.

Nintendo Australia has sold over 12 million video games, over 2.5 million Game Boys and over 2 million consoles by 1999 including over half a million Nintendo 64 consoles and 162,936 GameCubes to the third quarter of 2006.

It also acts as the Australian office for The Pokémon Company and handles all licensing for the Pokémon products and also handles licensing of Nintendo's other IPs to Toy Companies like Takara Tomy. Nintendo Australia handles all licensing of the Pokémon anime, and has given the Australian distribution rights to Magna Pacific. Former distributors were Siren Entertainment and Shock.