Nintendo 3DS Sound
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Developer(s) Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Launched with 3DS
Genre(s) Sound Application
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Nintendo 3DS Sound is a built-in application on the Nintendo 3DS. Like Nintendo DSi Sound, you can record and play sounds with the microphone. But, on Nintendo 3DS Sound, you can listen to mp3 type songs from your SD Card. In a way, it is similar to Nintendo DSi Sound.

Main Screen

The Main Screen is slightly different to the one of the previous installment of sound. Instead of just 1 bird, there is now 3 birds and this is also now your song page rather than having a separate song page and a main screen. The settings have also been put onto the recording screen.

Recording Screen

The Recording Screen is the same to the one on the DSi except on settings you can view usage tips like on the 3DS camera. Usage tips is a feature where you can review previous tips the bird has already explained.