The Nintendo 3DS Camera is an application built into every Nintendo 3DS. With it, players can take photographs and see them on their system. Thanks to the two outer cameras on the Nintendo 3DS, players can take pictures in 3D and view them using the 3D capabilities of the system. Due to only having a single inner camera, users can only take 2D pictures of themselves however. Similar to the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL's Nintendo DSi Camera, players can alter the photos if they desire by drawing on them, adding special effects or plastering stamps on them. Most of the editing features from the DSi and DSixl were removed on the 3DS which many people don't like.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems developed this application.

Attention Sounds

This is a list of Attention Sounds that appears in the application:

  • Meow: As its name implies, it is the sound a cat makes.
  • Bark: Similarly the Meow, it is the sound of a barking dog.
  • ???: Not really one, but many different sounds.
    • The first six notes of the Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme
    • A car horn
    • A slide whistle
    • A rooster making a "cock-a-doodle-doo" noise
    • Some strange noise that sounds like a wizard casting a spell
    • A whistle being tooted
    • A trumpet playing a fanfare
    • A phone ringing