The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program, is a program that Nintendo launched for the Nintendo 3DS. This program was made by Nintendo in recognition of players who bought the 3DS for $249.99 before the price dropped to $169.99 on August 12, 2011.

In order to become an ambassador, players had to log on to the Nintendo eShop with their 3DS before August 12th and then update the console. The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program offers ten NES games for early adopters and also offers ten Game Boy Advance games starting December 16, 2011, making twenty games in total.

In addition to the twenty free games, Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors may also download a special Ambassador Certificate. The certificate has a notifications feature, which when toggled 'On' allows the player to receive special notifications exclusive to Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors.

After a system update, it is possible for players to transfer their NES and Game Boy Advance games to another Nintendo 3DS system.


Nintendo Entertainment System games

These games were officially announced for release on September 1, 2011, but were actually released in the later hours of August 31, 2011. They are classic NES games from the past including Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. There are two The Legend of Zelda games, perhaps as a celebration of the twenty fifth anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series. The release of Metroid may be a tribute to the 25th Anniversary of Metroid for the Famicom Disk System. The same titles were released globally, albeit with their original regional differences. The games currently lack a restore point feature, but use the Virtual Console Restore feature and Sleep Mode. Nintendo is planning to update the software to add it in the future, with plans of releasing the future NES games to the public. Since 2012, the NES games have been released to the public on the eShop and now come with a restore point feature. Anyone who had bought them as part of the Ambassador Program can update them to include the restore point feature.

The games as followed are listed below:

Game Boy Advance games

On December 16, 2011, ten Game Boy Advance games were released for free on the Nintendo 3DS. With five of them being games from the Mario series. Nintendo currently have no plans of releasing these Game Boy Advance games to the general public unlike the NES. The Game Boy Advance games initially are released with no Virtual Console Restore or Restore Point capability. At first, it is impossible to put the games into Sleep Mode as if the game was emulated on an original Nintendo DS build. The games initially does not allow StreetPass or SpotPass to function correctly when played. These games do not support wireless play. The released Game Boy Advance titles are presumably the same worldwide, as per the release of the ten free Nintendo Entertainment System games.

To this day, the GBA games have not been released to the public and remain Ambassador-exclusive games.

The Game Boy Advance games released are as followed: