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  • 2005: Pokémon Dash, one of Nintendo's earliest efforts for the DS, is released in America.
  • 2006: Shigeru Miyamoto and Michel Ancel are knighted by the French Minister of Culture and Communication.
  • 2007: Disney releases a hit with Spectrobes on the DS in America.

March 14th

March 15th
  • 2007: Sonic and the Secret Rings, the first Sonic game for Wii and the first of the Sonic Storybook series, is released in Japan. The game takes Sonic through an Arabian Nights inspired story.
  • 2010: The Nintendo DSi XL is released in Australia.

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  • 2003: The Game Boy Advance SP launches in Europe and Australia. While not the final Game Boy model, it was the last successful one, as the DS replaced the brand and the Game Boy Micro was basically a failure.
  • 2003: NHL 2K3 was released in Europe for the GameCube.
  • 2006: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Volume 1 DVD is released in the US.
  • 2008: The ultra violent and controversial Manhunt 2 is released in Europe, and banned in the United Kingdom.
  • 2010: The Nintendo DSi XL is released in North America, the last of the major territories that the handheld was released in. It is launched alongside WarioWare D.I.Y.

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