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January 1st

January 2
  • 1992: Metroid II: Return of Samus released on the Game Boy in Japan.
  • 2007: Nintendo announces that it has boosted production of their popular Nintendo DS and DS Lite from 2.2 million per month to 2.5 million. They also confirmed how successful their Wii console is.

January 3rd

January 4th
  • 2004: Sonic Battle for the Game Boy Advance is released on the Game Boy Advance in the United States.

January 5th
  • 1985: Nintendo announces at the Winter CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, that they plan to release their popular Family Computer (Famicom) in America under the name of Nintendo Entertainment System. The console went on to sell millions thanks to various video games and accessories.

January 6th
  • 2002: Fox broadcasts an episode of Futurama that features a segment where Fry asks the "what if?" machine "what if life were more like a video game". Multiple Nintendo references were made.
  • 2004: Sonic Heroes released on the GameCube in the United States.
  • 2006: Metroid Prime Pinball released on the Nintendo DS in Japan.
  • 2008: ActionLoop is released in Europe for the Nintendo DS. In North America the game is known as Magnetica.

January 7th
  • 2003: Nintendo announces the Game Boy Advance SP. It is not uncommon for Nintendo to reveal redesigns of their handhelds during the month of January.
  • 2007: Nintendo releases Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on the Japanese Virtual Console.

January 8th
  • 1993: At the Winter CES show of 1993, Jeff Hansen reclaims his position as the World Nintendo Champion as he defeats Yuichi Suyama.
  • 2007: Dungeon Explorer and Gradius released on the American Virtual Console.
  • 2008: Harvery Birdman: Attorney at Law and Sonic: Zero Gravity are both released on the Wii console.

January 9th
  • 1992: Nintendo of America lowers the price of both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy.
  • 2003: Capcom releases remakes of both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on the GameCube for $39.99 each.
  • 2006: Electroplankton released on the Nintendo DS in America exclusively through Nintendo's online site.

January 10th

Nothing particularly notable occurred on this day in Nintendo's history according to our records. If you beg to differ, then please edit this page.

January 11th

January 12th

January 13th

January 14th
  • 1987: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is released on the Famicom in Japan. The game is noted for dramatically changing the tried and true formula that the series' original was so popular for. Every game following this one returned to the style of the original.
  • 2008: Kidz Sports Ice Hockey was released in North America for the Wii.

January 15th

January 16th

January 17th

January 18th

January 19th

January 20th

January 21st

January 22nd

January 23rd
  • 2008: Disney announces a new program for their Walt Disney World parks that gives people who bring their Nintendo DS with them the chance to have a virtual tour of each of the four parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom).

January 24th

January 25th

January 26th

January 27th

January 28th

January 29th

January 30th

January 31st
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