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It is now 03:01 on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

April 1st

April 2nd
  • 1994: Final Fantasy VI, one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time, is released in Japan on the Super Famicom.
  • 2009: The Nintendo DSi is released in Australia.

April 3rd

April 4th
  • 1975: Nintendo competitor Microsoft is founded.

April 5th

April 6th

April 7th

April 8th
  • 1994: NHL '94 was released in Japan for the SNES.
  • 2004: Metroid: Zero Mission, a fantastic entry for the GBA that is considered the best game for the handheld by Nintendo Power, is released in Europe.
  • 2008: Baroque is released on the Wii in America.

April 9th
  • 1985: Soccer is released in Japan for the Famicom.
  • 1998: Yoshi's Story, the successor to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, is released in Europe on the Nintendo 64. It is met to commercial success, though critics' reactions were questionable.
  • 2001: Dr. Mario 64 is released in the US. Critics didn't respond kindly to the game, and it would take many years until Nintendo would return to the franchise.
  • 2007: The popular and successful Super Paper Mario is released for the Wii in the United States. Of the first three in the series, Super Paper Mario sold the most.

April 10th
  • 2006: The unique pinball game Odama is released in the United States. Critics reactions towards it were varied, though the game did include a GameCube microphone which was previously included in Mario Party 6.
  • 2014: Tomodachi Life was announced in North America and in Europe on this date in a Nintendo Direct.

April 11th

April 12th

April 13th

April 14th
  • 1999: Pokémon Pinball is released on the Game Boy Color in Japan.
  • 2001: The first game in the Animal Crossing series is released in Japan for the Nintendo 64 named Animal Forest. Very few outside of Japan know of the game.

April 15th

April 16th

April 17th
  • 1997: The long awaited sequel to Star Fox, Star Fox 64, is released in Japan for the Nintendo 64. The gameplay and graphics were improved, and it also introduced four player battles. The regular gang of characters including Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy appeared as the game's main characters once more.

April 18th

April 19th

April 20th

April 21st

April 22nd

April 23rd
  • 1995: Satellaview debuted on the Super Famicom in Japan.

April 24th

April 25th
  • 2006: LostMagic released on the Nintendo DS in America.
  • 2008: Wii Fit released in Europe for the Wii. The game debuts number one in its first week but mysteriously isn't present in the top 40 the following week. It was later revealed that this was due to the game completely selling out across the entire continent in the first week, and Nintendo hadn't been able to restock fast enough.

April 26th

April 27th

April 28th

April 29th
  • 1997: Wave Race 64 is released in Europe for the Nintendo 64.
  • 2004: The sequel to Pikmin, Pikmin 2, is released in Japan for the GameCube. It expanded the amount of treasures you could collect from 30 to 201 and featured a new multiplayer mode.
  • 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X was released in Japan.

April 30th


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