Admins on Nintendo Wiki are able to protect pages, which will restrict certain users from editing certain pages.

  • Full protection: Disables editing from everyone other than admins. Includes pages such as the main page, certain help pages, and so on.
  • Semi-protection: Makes it to where people who aren't users can not edit. Includes popular pages and most pages that are linked from the main page.

Why do articles become protected?

The main reason are spamer, namely people who advertise. They advertise on Nintendo Wiki in hopes that people will click the link, which each time gives them money from the website they are advertising for. If you find a page with these ads on them (you'll know when (and if) you do), please notify an active administrator, so that the'll not only delete the ads, but also possible protect the page if they feel that it needs to be protected from future attacks.

It should also be noted that some people create new pages and start adding ads. If you come across a page such as this, then, again, notify active admins and tell them.

You can tell if the pages are protected by looking at padlock icons on the Head template, which is located at the top of the page.

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