What are portals?

The origin of portals is the German Wikipedia. After the concept became popular the English Wikipedia picked the idea up and thus started the spread of portals. Portals are similar the front page of the Nintendo Wiki - they serve as entry ways into other pages of a particular topic.

List of portals

Portal Established Information
Animal Crossing December 29, 2008 Discusses the Animal Crossing series.
Donkey Kong May 2, 2012
Dragon Quest May 2, 2012
F-Zero May 2, 2012
Final Fantasy January 2, 2009 Final Fantasy series
Fire Emblem May 2, 2012
Kirby May 2, 2012
The Legend of Zelda April 30, 2012 Zelda series
  • Wind Waker
Mario December 28, 2008 Mario series
Metroid January 2, 2009 Metroid series
Mother January 2, 2009
Nintendo November 6, 2010 A Portal for ALL Nintendo products
Pokémon January 9, 2009
Star Fox May 2, 2012
Super Smash Bros. May 2, 2012
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