The Nintendo Wiki's scope covers everything Nintendo and anything on a Nintendo system. It includes all official information (characters, locations, items, etc.) on Nintendo games, as well as all such information on all non-Nintendo games that are on Nintendo systems. It also includes all other information about Nintendo. The wiki's scope is also slightly extended for basic information (one page for the company) on Nintendo's competitors such as Sony and Microsoft.

The Nintendo Wiki's scope includes only official information, except in cases such as information on (large) Nintendo fan sites. No fannon / fan made content should be put on the wiki, there is a different wiki for fan content called Fantendo.

Dichotomous Key

There is a simple way to determine if something should be on the Nintendo Wiki, by using this Dichotomous Key. If you think something may be not included by the Dichotomous Key which should be included by it then you should contact an admin about it.

  1. Is the content made by Nintendo or is about Nintendo?
    • Yes - It can go on the wiki!
    • No - Go to 2
  2. Can the content be found on a game on a Nintendo System?
    • Yes - It can go on the wiki!
    • No - Go to 3
  3. Is the content about a company that makes games for a Nintendo System?
    • Yes - It can go on the wiki!
    • No - Go to 4
  4. Is the content about something created by Nintendo fans related to Nintendo, which is well known or very notable in size?
    • Yes - It can go on the wiki!
    • No - It shouldn't be on the wiki.

Third Party Content

The Nintendo Wiki does allow third part content (like Mega Man and Sonic) if such content can be found in a game on a Nintendo system. For example there can be information on the game Sonic Heroes because it is on a Nintendo system, however there cannot be information on Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) because it is not on a Nintendo system.

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