Nintendo's Corporate Social Responsibility, typically shortened to CSR, is a course of action Nintendo took in order to use games to better change society. In 2008 Nintendo explained that putting a smile on everyone's face was their social responsibility. According to Satoru Iwata, they had been participating in actions of CSR long before it was established, though he felt that the company's ability to communicate about it was lacking. He also explained that, since 80% of Nintendo's net sales come from overseas, they should make goals specific to the CSR on a global scale.

The concept of bringing smiles to people's faces was very widespread. IN the CSR Report of 2008, Nintendo explained that they aimed to put smiles on the faces of future generations, current consumers, the community, and employees. In the report, Nintendo explained their reliable and trustworthy business practices, their partnerships with various developers, and their maximizing on employee's strengths.

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"At Nintendo, our business is to offer entertainment, and in order to "put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches," we believe that the promotion of CSR in the Nintendo way is essential. To meet the expectations of all our stakeholders, we endeavor to promote CSR that takes advantage of our products' special features, while asserting our commitment to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, to develop high-quality products, and to address environmental issues."

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