Ninten (JP), is the main protagonist of the Famicom classic video game, EarthBound Beginnings. His name is a shortened version of Nintendo. In the game he set off on a journey after two of his household appliances came to life and attacked him, including a doll and a lamp.

He goes off to journey to find out why exactly this had happened to him.

On his journey, Ninten will meet up with multiple other strange characters who'll ultimately be valuable team members. These include Lloyd, Ana, Teddy, and other characters who'll just briefly join his team.

Ness, an arguably more well known character from the sequel EarthBound is considered to be based off of Ninten, having almost identical personalities and appearances.


  • When EarthBound Beginnings was released in Japan, he didn't have an official name. He got this name in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • He was appeared name ”Ken“ in EarthBound Beginnings novel released in Japan, so he was known as “Ken” by Japanese fans for a while.
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