Ninjatown is a Nintendo DS video game released in late October of 2008. The game was created by Venan Entertainment and published by SouthPeak Interactive. The game stars a variety of different types of cute looking ninjas, all of which were introduced through press releases by SouthPeak. The game's art was done by former Electronic Gaming Monthly writer Shawn Smith, while Wee Ninja, one of the more popular characters, was actually created by him before the game was in development. The game is a tower defense strategy title. Starting in February 2010, Ninjatown has been discontinued.


Within each copy of the game is one sticker. In all there are 12 different designs, with some having a better chance of appearing than others. The following are the types of stickers within the game and how rare they are:

  • Wee Ninja: 4/20
  • White Ninja: 3/20
  • Anti Ninja: 2/20
  • Business Ninja: 1/20
  • Ninja Consultant: 1/20
  • Baby Ninja: 2/20
  • Ninja Dropping: 2/20
  • Feroshi the Dino Slug: 1/40
  • Wee Devil: 1/20
  • Zombie Ninja: 3/20
  • Ol' Master Ninja: ???
  • Mr. Demon: ???


The game has been very well received, rare for a game based off of a license. Gaming magazine Game Informer rewarded the game with an outstanding 9/10, praising how there is never one way to complete a map and the fact that it'll continue to pull you back in again and again. IGN gave the game an 8.7, while competitor 1up gave it an almost equal score of 8.5 (B).

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