Ninjabread Man was a game released for the Wii in 2007. It was originally released on the Sony PlayStation 2 and PC in 2005 exclusively in Europe. It was met with highly negative reviews, some even calling it one of the worst, if not the worst game ever made, especially on Wii.

On the back of the box, the reading has a lot of biscuit puns such as crumbling under the pressure and Ninjabread Man being 'one tough cookie.'


Hordes of angry bees, snapping cakes and jelly monsters have taken over the once sweet and tasty Candy Land. It's up to Ninjabread Man to stop this evil army of monster cakes, and return Candy Land back to how it always has been.


The Trainer level.

The game is 1 player only. To control Ninjabread Man, the player uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination as he goes from level to level defeating terrifying desserts. In order to attack enemies, you can either press the B button which will show a cursor, then the player presses B again after aiming to throw a ninja star. Or the player can use what Ninjabread Man is often highly criticized for, the samurai sword, by swinging the Wii Remote. This is often highly unresponsive, as the game will not read half of your swings.

There is only 4 levels, counting the trainer stage.


The game is considered one of the worst games of all time. Many cited reasons include that it is highly unfair, extremely buggy, poor graphics, and can be completed in around half an hour.


There was going to be a sequel to this game called Ninjabread Man 2: Blades of Fury, but it was canceled, due to Data Design Interactive stopping development.


  • The game was originally going to be a 3D game based on the Zool series. Zoo Digital Publishing commissioned DDI to make the game to be released for the Nintendo GameCube and PS2, but morphed into Ninjabread Man after the publishers were unhappy with the design and canned the project and Data Design Interactive changed it.
  • The game is similar in design and runs on the same engine as several other Data Design Interactive games, such as Anubis II.
  • The game is part of DDI's own Popcorn Arcade series.
  • Data Design Interactive ceased development in 2009.


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