Ninja Launcher (StreetPass Ninja in PAL regions) is a cooking game developed by Prope as a part of the StreetPass Mii Plaza. It released in the 5.0 update alongside 4 other games. The player is fired out of a cannon at enemies.


The player's clan had protected the land but, a demon army had arisen and broke the peace. Shinobu, the player's apprentice, brings out the Cannon of Justice to fire the player at the enemy.


The game has the player being fired out of a cannon to fight enemies but he/ she is weaponless unless the player can grab the armament scrolls tied to kites. These kites are held by wandering ninjas, who you can order to move left or right so, the kites align with the player's flight path to achieve the maximum ninja power. The player also only has a limited amount of time to align the kites they have to move quickly. L & R switches which Ninja the player is moving, X zooms in the camera, A fires a test shot to make sure the kites are aligned and Y fires the actual shot before the time limit.



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