Nikki's Travel Quiz is an eShop game that Japanese Club Nintendo members could purchase for the Nintendo 3DS. In this game, the titular Nikki, assisted by a panda and a cat, quizzes players on different prefectures of Japan. The topics of these questions include specific locations, buildings, and people. If the player is stuck, they can get hints from the panda, who will erase incorrect answers. Nikki herself will often dress up in different uniforms, including a kimono and a sailor outfit.

The game was never released outside Japan. As Club Nintendo has been discontinued, it is impossible to obtain the game.


Travel Quiz

The player answers questions about a specific prefecture. If they answer questions correctly, they will get a souvenir for the prefecture.

Free Mode

The player can answer any question in the game. If enough questions are answer correctly, the player will get a medal.

Nikki's Travel Diary

The player can view the travel diary that Nikki has written.