Night Trap is an interactive movie video game. The Nintendo Switch version was developed by Screaming Villains and published by Limited Run Games. The game was released in August 24, 2018.


The player plays as an agent of the Special Control Attack Team (S.C.A.T.), swapping between various security cameras trying to save the guests in the Martin home from vampire like creatures called "Augers". To do this, the player controls a series of traps that will kill the creatures if they are set off at the right time and if the agent is watching the room the Augers show up in. Depending on the player's timing and the colors of the cameras the player can either succeed or fail. The player can also reach different endings depending on how many Augers and Martin family members are captured.

Development and release

Night Trap was revealed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch in an issue of Nintendo Force.

The game had initially been given an "M" rating when it was first rated by the ESRB. The Nintendo Switch version of the game was given a "T" rating.

Reception and legacy

Night Trap was a notable component to the 1993 United States committee hearing on video game violence, alongside Mortal Kombat. Howard Lincoln, Nintendo of America's president at the time, stated at the hearing that Night Trap would "never be released on a Nintendo system."

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