Nichol is a capturable boss character from Fire Emblem Fates. A knight of Nohr, Nichol leads a group of bandits to terrorize a village.


Nichol appears in Paralogue 5, where he and his band of bandits are introduced in the midst of terrorising a village, taunting a child villager for failing to pay a toll. When the man responds by calling for help, Nichol sadistically threatens to allow one of his comrades to rip out his tongue. Fortunately for the village, Corrin's army, aware of the dire proceedings, arrives in the nick of time to save its inhabitants from certain death. Nichol is eventually defeated in the ensuing battle, either slain or captured by Corrin's forces.

Nichol also appears as a potential visitor in the DLC episode Museum Melee.


  • Nichol and Candace both have critical cut-ins, have their names listed among characters who can only support Corrin, and are the only capturable bosses from Fire Emblem Fates to be eligible for the Choose Your Legends poll in Fire Emblem Heroes. This may suggest they had a larger role during development, before becoming paralogue bosses.
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