For the original game's credits, see New Super Mario Bros. U/credits and New Super Luigi U/credits

These are the credits for the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe game for Nintendo Switch, which can be only found in the Purple Toad House level at the "Secret Island" area.




Assistant Director

Character Design Lead

Character Design

UI Design Lead

UI Design

Visual Effect Design

Programming Lead

UI Programming Lead

UI Programming

Player Programming

Programming Support

Sound Engineering Lead

Sound Engineering


Web Programming

Web Design

Production Management

Character Supervisors

Technical Support

NOA Localization Management

NOA Localization

  • Lauren Ammerman
  • Billy Carroll
  • Marjolaine Drouin
  • Robert Heiret
  • Elina Sánchez
  • Rob Tunstall
  • Álex Zarza

NOE Localisation Management

NOE Localisation

  • Andrea Jähn
  • Stefania Montagnese
  • Claudia Smith
  • Pete Sheppard
  • Clémence Dieryck
  • Anthony Fouillen
  • Helge Friedrich
  • Gunnar Friedrich
  • Kent Robello
  • Vincenzo Russo
  • Alfonso Díaz Jiménez
  • Álex Hernández-Puertas
  • Carsten Harmans
  • Patrick Koudstaal
  • Anton Ivanchikov
  • Alexey Nikitin
  • Rui Mendes
  • Ana Reis

NHL Localization

  • Claudia Chan
  • Jeanie Ho
  • Pole To Win Taiwan Co., Ltd.

iQue Localization

NOK Localization

  • Jung Hyokjin
  • Kim Soonil
  • Kim Dongyeon
  • Na Kyoungim
  • Pole To Win Korea Co., Ltd.


Special Thanks

General Producer

Executive Producer

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