New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (also called NSMBUD, New Super Mario Bros. 6, or NSMB6)is a platformer Nintendo Switch game that was announced on September 13, 2018 to be released on January 11, 2019. It is the sixth game in the New Super Mario Bros. series a port remake of the 2012 and 2013 Wii U games New Super Mario Bros. U and its expansion pack New Super Luigi U and includes all the content of the original version as well as the expansion. The port also adds additional characters to play as.

New features


Players can choose to play the original New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U game modes. There's also two new modes where the player can look up hints and watch video clips.

Cut content

Boost Mode has been removed due to the Switch's compatibility limitations. SpotPass has also been removed for similar reasons. Miiverse functionality has also been removed due to its service discontinuation in 2017.


All the characters return playable and the player can now freely choose all the characters (except Mario in Luigi U, in which he remains non-playable)[3] in both modes regardless of player position.[4] Toadette joins the line-up and is notable for her Peachette transformation via the Super Crown power-up (see below). Toadette has the swimming properties of the Penguin Suit, regardless of forms. When playing as her, 3-Up Moons replace 1-Up Mushrooms in all Blocks consisting of them. This is only done by Toadette herself in multiplayer. Nabbit is also playable in the main mode for the first time. When playing as Nabbit in single-player, completed level spaces turn purple. He will also bounce on Yoshis instead of simply passing through them, unlike the original, and he can now carry objects.[5][6] Toadette and Nabbit are less slippery than Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Even while running, they will stop sooner and are less likely to fall into pits. They are also resistant to slipping on ice. As a result, they are not playable in Challenge Mode. Additionally, if either character are chosen in both the main and Luigi U modes, additional 100 seconds are added on the clock. Toadette and Nabbit are labeled as "Easier" and "Easiest" respectively in the character selection screen. Toadette and Nabbit have differentiated abilities compared to other playable characters.

The Blue Toad is also available as the player choose the Yellow Toad and press and hold the L button (ZL/SL buttons in a single Joy-Con) to switch between the two (both are referred as simply "Toad").[7] Two players can't simultaneously choose both Toads.

Super Crown

While all the items return, the Super Crown power-up is introduced in the game, which is exclusive to Toadette. Once grabbed, she will transform into Peachette, and she can adjustably float for a long period of time; though, not she won't descend significantly when turning and cannot cling to walls. Pressing the "R" r "ZR" will make her jump high; she'll also do this once if she hits a bottomless pit, lava, or a poisonous lake.[8] Other characters cannot use it, merely passing through without getting rewarded.[9]


The game has improved resolution, being displayed in the native 1080p in TV mode, and 720p in Handheld and Tabletop modes, as opposed to the dynamic 1080p resolution of the original Wii U version. The game implements HD rumble, unlike the original game which uses simple rumble.

Differences from the original game


A browser game was released on the Play Nintendo website in 2019 called New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Power-Ups Trivia Quiz.

Beta Elements

During the September 2018 Nintendo Direct, Mario was shown being used in New Super Luigi U levels.[10] However, Mario is not playable in the New Super Luigi U levels in the final game, as is the case in the original New Super Luigi U.


New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe received favorable reception from critics, though slightly less than the original game. It was praised for Toadette's addition as a playable character and the new content such as the Super Crown, but was criticized for its graphics being similar to the original game, as well as a general lack of major gameplay differences. It received a score of 80 on Metacritic.


As of March 2019, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe sold over 3.31 million copies, immediately making it the eighth-most successful Nintendo game on the platform. The game reached 4.10 million units sold by the end of July 2019. As of December 2019, it has reached 5.85 million copies sold and fell to the spot of ninth best selling Nintendo Switch game. As of the end of March 2020, it reached 6.60 million units sold worldwide and fell to the tenth spot of the best-selling Nintendo Switch games due to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. By the end of June 2020, the game sold 7.44 million units. The game reached 8.32 million units sold by the end of September 2020. In January 2021, the game has sold 9.82, surpassing the lifetimes sales of the original Wii U versions of New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U combined. The game reached 9.82 million units sold by the end of 2020. The game reached 10.44 million units sold by the end of March 2021. This means that to break into the top ten best selling Nintendo Switch games, you have to sell at least 10 million from this point forward. The game sold 13.31 million units as of the end of March 2022.



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  • Being ported from the Wii U, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe maintains the "U" title while being released on a different console. This was also the case for Star Fox 64 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS.
  • It is the only Wii U-ported game to be released in 2019.
  • Despite being released in 2019, the copyright mark states: "© 2012-2018 Nintendo."
  • This is the last game where Tatsumi Kimishima served as an Executive Producer, and his only one released in 2019, following his departure as Nintendo's president.
  • It is the last Mario game to release in the Heisei era.


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