New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (also called NSMBUD, New Super Mario Bros. 6, or NSMB6) a platformer Nintendo Switch game that was announced on September 13, 2018 to be released on January 11, 2019. It is the sixth game in the New Super Mario Bros. series a port remake of the 2012 and 2013 Wii U games New Super Mario Bros. U and its expansion pack New Super Luigi U and includes all the content of the original version as well as the expansion. The port also adds additional characters to play as.

Differences from the original game

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  • It is possible to play as Luigi, Toad, Toadette, and Nabbit in single-player in this game's version of the main mode of New Super Mario Bros. U, as well as this game's version of New Super Luigi U[3] (Mario remains non-playable in New Super Luigi U[4]). The original release of New Super Mario Bros. U only allows single players to play as Mario in story mode, while the original release of New Super Luigi U restricts single players to Luigi, Nabbit (except in Flying Squirrel Ovation and Enemy Courses), and Mii characters (only in Flying Squirrel Ovation).
  • The game has a higher resolution, being displayed in native 1080p in TV mode, and 720p in Handheld and Tabletop modes, as opposed to the dynamic 1080p resolution of the Wii U version.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is incompatible with Miiverse. The service ended in 2017 prior to the game's release, and is not available for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Boost Mode challenges are removed due to Boost Mode being incompatible with the Nintendo Switch controls.
  • The option menu before the character selection screen where the player decides whether to play with the Wii U GamePad or multiplayer with the Wii Remote or the Wii U Pro Controller has been removed since the Joy-Con has the capability to switch between modes.
  • The game uses HD rumble, unlike the original game which uses simple rumble.


  • Toadette is now a playable character.
    • She has an exclusive power-up, the Super Crown, which allows her to transform into Peachette (who can float and double jump), similar to the Flying Squirrel form (but with a more versatile aerial movement), and avoid falling into pits.[5] However, unlike the Flying Squirrel form, she cannot cling on to walls and she will not descend significantly when turning. Other characters cannot pick it up, merely passing through it without getting rewarded.[6]
    • Toadette has the swimming properties of the Penguin Suit, no matter what form they have.
    • Toadette and Nabbit are less slippery than Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Even while running, they will stop sooner and are less likely to fall into pits. They are also resistant to slipping on ice.
    • As a result, Toadette and Nabbit are not playable in Challenge Mode.
    • In both New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U, the clock starts with an additional 100 seconds when either Toadette or Nabbit are being used.
  • Yellow Toad and Blue Toad share the same character slot and are referred to as "Toad".
    • Because of this, Toadette replaces Blue Toad in the game's cutscenes.
  • Players can now choose any character in the single-player modes of both Mario Bros. U and Luigi U (except Mario in Luigi U).
    • Toadette and Nabbit are labeled as "Easier" and "Easiest" respectively when choosing a character in the selection menu.
    • When playing as Nabbit in single-player, completed level spaces turn purple.
  • When playing as Toadette, all Blocks containing 1-Up Mushrooms instead contain 3-Up Moons. Only Toadette can hit blocks to reveal them in multiplayer.
  • Nabbit has been integrated into more aspects of the game.
    • Nabbit can bounce off Yoshis since he cannot ride them, unlike the original game where he simply goes through them.[7]
    • Nabbit has new voice clips that are similar to the Toads' and can now carry objects.[8]
  • Toadette and Nabbit have altered abilities compared to the rest of the cast.
  • Yellow Toad and Blue Toad share a character slot, and are both referred to as simply "Toad". To switch between them, the player needs to hold the L (or ZL/SL buttons when playing with a single Joy-Con) while choosing said playable character.[9]
    • This means two players cannot choose Yellow and Blue Toad simultaneously.
  • Playing as a Mii is no longer possible in Flying Squirrel Ovation within New Super Luigi U.
  • Both the New Super Mario Bros. U and the New Super Luigi U levels start with 100 additional seconds on the timer when playing as either Toadette or Nabbit, though no bigger time bonus is given when both of them are being played.
  • Should the player lose multiple lives in a level when playing as Luigi (single-player) in New Super Mario Bros. U, a red-colored Super Guide Block appears and summons a computer-controlled Mario to clear the level, replacing Luigi.


  • The jump controls are now shared with the mid-air spin, performed by pressing B or A in mid-air, consistent to a similar control scheme in Super Mario Run, having said techniques mapped to a touch input.
    • The player can disable the mid-air spin for B or A by holding the leftstick down for three seconds on the title screen while pressing the L and R buttons at the same time. When Nabbit's voice is heard, the jump controls have been disabled for the mid-air spin. However, this has to be done each time the game starts up.[10]
  • Two buttons are now used to go in the bubble during multiplayer by holding down L and R rather than one button, unlike the original game.
  • In the red Toad Houses with ? Blocks, Toad gives the player all of the items inside the blocks that were hit, instead of just one.
  • In the pause menu during levels, buttons on the controller can be remapped.[11]
  • On the pause screen, characters can be changed on the map screen.
  • A neon Nintendo Switch console appears in the Records Toad House, which plays a music box rendition of the game's credits theme while the credits roll.[12]
  • The Records Toad House pages now resemble a map marked with a red stamp depicting a silhouette of Nabbit's ears. "Records" is now renamed to "Mario U Records" and "Luigi U Records" in the American English version, depending on the game being played. As Boost Mode has been removed, the records for "Distance on Boost Blocks" and "Distance on Mini Boost Blocks" have been replaced with "Times Companion Lifted" and "Synchronize Ground Pounds", respectively, along with updated icons.
  • In New Super Mario Bros. U, the red Toad Houses with the shuffle mini-games have some items changed. Several Super Stars have been replaced by Super Crowns, while in New Super Luigi U, the 1-Up Mushrooms are now 3-Up Moons.[13][14]
  • Enemy Courses now have a chance to hold a Super Crown, a Propeller Mushroom, or a Penguin Suit.
  • In New Super Mario Bros. U, the stars on the player's profile will remain shiny, even if the player activated the Super Guide before.


  • In the opening, Peach's appearance for both Mario U and Luigi U has been improved.
  • In both the ending and the cutscene where Peach is being rescued, Nabbit always appears in the background, regardless of what character(s) was/were used in the final boss battle.
  • Blue Toad is absent from the introduction and ending cutscenes, with Toadette appearing instead. Yellow Toad is the one who watches Bowser's and the Koopalings' escape in the ending (Blue Toad does this in the original versions).
  • Before fighting Bowser's final phase as Peachette, Peach will notice Peachette from her tower looking confused just before the cage slams shut.[15]

UI, HUD, and artwork

  • Much of the menu and map UI have been changed from shaded to solid 2D button tabs. with bolts on all sides and outlines.
    • In the Main Menu, the "Delete" and "Copy" options have been added which weren't present in the original. The "Story Mode" text has a darkened gold color. The outline for the "Story" and "Play with Mii" text also have gray outlines instead of black.
    • The Map UI also use the new 2D graphics and button tabs. The box consisting the lives count has been removed. The Star Coin count and lives are also more stacked with the Course names.
  • If one looks closely, the Player HUD is also somewhat improved. For example, the Star Coins and Coin counts have a more clear black outline and the icons are slightly enhanced. The clock icon may have had changed shading.
  • The buttons for Challenges, Boost Rush, and Coin Battle on the Main Menu have artwork of Mario thinking, Mario running, and a Star Coin, respectively, replacing the Super Mario Bros. sprites seen on the buttons in the original game.
  • Character selection icons now use their updated artwork.
    • There are now character names below the characters. The player lights that determine the position of an additional player are changed from blue to green to match the Switch's player lighting system.
    • Toadette and Nabbit are also labeled as "Easier" and "Easiest" ("Easy" and "Very Easy" in the British English version) respectively.
  • The title screen uses the same ground as the New Super Luigi U title screen with Nabbit included.
  • There's now a loading screen when the game is starting, which uses many different 2D icons of various items, in place of the Wii U loading screen.
    • Also, the screen featuring the compatible controllers hint above the blue Baby Yoshi has been removed.
  • The "Challenges" menu has been redesigned.
  • There are now "Hint" and "Video" buttons on the menu.
  • "SpotPass" has been removed since the Nintendo Switch system doesn't support the feature.
  • When entering a world the first time, the map intro has a different banner design, with 2D artwork of blocks in outlines, and a new animation.[16]
  • In this game's version of New Super Mario Bros. U, the button tabs on the map are red instead of blue and gold. This game's versions of both New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U use button icons of the Switch controllers. Additionally, the player can also use the minus button to open the menu.
  • Nabbit's icon marker on the map for chasing him has been updated.
  • In the Baby Yoshi minigame for the Power-Up Toad House, the Glowing Baby Yoshis' Toad icon has been updated to resemble Toad's 2D artwork from Super Mario 3D World but with red spots.
  • When playing as Nabbit in single player, completed level spaces turn purple instead of blue. If the level is completed again with a character other than Nabbit, the space changes from purple to blue.
  • The movement instruction icons when using motion-controlled platforms have Joy-Con/Pro Controllers instead of Wii Remotes.

Sound Effects and Voices

  • Bony Beetles now have sound effects when they stick out or retract their spikes.
  • Boom Boom and Boss Sumo Bro.'s voices sound slightly different.
  • The Super Guide Block sounds slightly different.


  • The athletic theme has changed instruments near the end.


A browser game was released on the Play Nintendo website in 2019 called New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Power-Ups Trivia Quiz.

Pre-release and unused content

During the September 2018 Nintendo Direct, Mario was shown being used in New Super Luigi U levels.[17] However, Mario is not playable in the New Super Luigi U levels in the final game, as is the case in the original New Super Luigi U.


New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe received favorable reception from critics, though slightly less than the original game. It was praised for Toadette's addition as a playable character and the new content such as the Super Crown but was criticized for its graphics being similar to the original game, as well as a general lack of major gameplay differences. It received a score of 80 on Metacritic.


As of March 2019, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe sold over 3.31 million copies immediately making it the eighth-most successful Nintendo game on the platform. The game reached 4.10 million units sold by the end of July 2019. As of December 2019, it has reached 5.85 million copies sold and fell to the spot of ninth best selling Nintendo Switch game. As of the end of March 2020, it reached 6.60 million units sold worldwide and fell to the tenth spot of the best selling Nintendo Switch games due to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. By the end of June 2020, the game sold 7.44 million units.


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  • Being ported from the Wii U, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe maintains the "U" title while being released on a different console. This was also the case for Star Fox 64 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS.
  • Despite being released in 2019, the copyright mark states: "© 2012-2018 Nintendo."


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