New Pork City is a large stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and it is Lucas' homestage. The stage takes place on a lot of different platforms in front of the city. The Viking ship from the Porky Amusement Park is one of the platforms on the stage. Another platform is the limo that Lucas rides in Mother 3 on the bottom of the stage. If you stay on the limo too long, you will get a KO, because it will fly off to the right side of the screen. On the bottom of the stage is a breakable bridge. Sometimes, the Ultimate Chimera appears, and if you or your opponents get bitten by it, you get a 1-hit KO. In the background, you will see various buildings from New Pork City in Mother 3, like the Theater, the Arcade, the Empire Porky Buildings, and other familiar sites.


New Pork City is featured way up in the sky above the ground. It's a city filled with billboards, a skyscraper and even a theme park, all of which happens to be represented in Brawl. Every once and awhile an Ultimate Chimera from Mother 3 will appear on the stage and send opponents flying. In the game, Ultimate Chimera were indestructible, though could be turned off by flipping the switch on his back. However, if one did so, then the bird stationed on top would just flip it again. You can see the Porky statue in the background.

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