New Play Control! Pikmin is a Wii remake of the GameCube launch title Pikmin. The game was the first of many New Play Control! video games that enhance the GameCube experience with Wii remote capabilities. This game gave the player the ability to aim where he or she wanted to toss the Pikmin, and also allowed them to go back to any day and replay it, which wasn't present in the GameCube version. The game was developed by Nintendo EAD Software Group No. 4, who were responsible for games like New Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi Touch & Go.



Shigefumi Hino, one of the men responsible for the game series (and the credited creator of Yoshi), explains that refining the controls for the Wii version was a challenging task, though that the overall result was ideal. They went through a lot of trial and error to create the perfected controls, though he feels that they did so superbly. New Play Control! Pikmin was created during the same time as New Play Control! Pikmin 2, and thus when a control refinement was made to one version, it was also made to the other.

Box art

All countries, with the exception of South Korea, have the same box art as their version of the game, though with a new frame that explains that it has been updated. The Korean version differentiates from other countries in that it does not feature the new New Play Control! frame or any mention of it at all; instead it uses the Japanese box artwork from the original GameCube version of the game, with Korean lettering. Still, Nintendo made the cover so that it can be reversed and replaced by a more faithful recreation of the GameCube cover.


The game received generally favorable reviews among critics. Some complained that one of the game's faults was directing your Pikmin, which was previously done with the c-stick in the GameCube version, but is now done with the Wii Remote's d-pad in combination with the Wii Remote's IR pointer. Though Eurogamer also explained that the IR pointer is a high point for the game and makes it more enjoyable. Excluding that, one of the biggest problems mentioned by reviewers was that the much better sequel too the game was also going to be released the same year as New Play Control! Pikmin, and that players should ultimately wait out for that title.

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