New Donk City Hall is a stage that appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It takes place around New Donk City, part of the Metro Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey.

Stage Features

In this stage, a platform progressively carries the fighters up New Donk City Hall, stopping at various points along the way up before getting to the very top. The stage platform will then carry the fighters back down to the ground level for the cycle to repeat. A unique feature to the stage is its dynamic background music: The Super Mario Players and Pauline will float by in the background, and if a fighter touches a band member, they will add an instrument to the music. This is currently known to occur if the music is set to "Jump Up, Super Star!" or "Band Performance: Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)" The Odyssey, Mario's airship that he uses to venture to the different kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey, flies in the background of this stage. Captain Toad is also in the background on top of the city hall.

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