New Age Retro Hippies are enemies from the Mother series. While it has never been given an individual personality as a character, it is normally known inside and outside the Mother fan community, either for being famous or infamous. Most of his popularity is attributed to his actions as an enemy in battle, which could be considered one of the most ridiculous ones from the entire series.

Due to the lack of space, in Mother, each one was called "The Hippie". They appeared near Podunk, but are rather powerful for being one of the first enemies. Aside from making regular attacks, they could fly into rage and greatly increase their offensive, and also take out a bullhorn, and yell the character's mother was calling for him or her. Unless the attack failed, the character would believe it, and his or her stats would be reduced. If it failed, though, this would anger the character. In EarthBound, hippies would appear again with a new name, bearing the same look. This time, rather than a bullhorn, hippies are able to use Toothbrushes. With this, they make their teeth shine so brightly, it scares their enemies and they become solidified.

Apart from the contradiction in his name, "New Age" and "Retro", people find funny the fact that hippies, thought to be peaceful, attack the player so badly. Of course, these hippies, like other human enemies are all being influenced by Giygas's evilness.





Some people think that "Rockin' K.K.'", a song sung by K.K. Slider in the Animal Crossing series, could have been based on the music when battling a New Age Retro Hippie. That is because part of a New Age Retro Hippie's battle music almost sounds like K.K. Rockin'. However, it is unknown if this is true.

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