Neville, the Bookish Father is the first Portrait Ghost that Luigi encounters in Luigi's Mansion. He is the husband of Lydia and father of Chauncey and the twins Henry and Orville. His usual activity is reading books, and he keeps a baby care diary.

At one point in the past, he was captured by Professor Elvin Gadd and turned into a portrait, but Neville was eventually set free again by King Boo. His portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 1.

Luigi's Mansion

In Luigi's Mansion, Neville is the first portrait ghost in Area 1 of the Mansion. Luigi finds him in the Study, where he is reading a book while sitting in a rocking chair. His only attack is sending a single levitating book after him. Like most Portrait Ghosts, Neville cannot be stunned by the flashlight normally. However, he occasionally yawns and stretches, at which point he becomes vulnerable to light and can be stunned to be re-captured by the Poltergust 3000. Upon defeat, a Treasure Chest appears in the Study, containing the key to the Master Bedroom.

The player can also have Luigi read Neville's Big Baby Care Diary in the bookshelf behind Neville's rocking chair. The diary provides the player with hints on how to win Henry and Orville's game of hide and seek.

Physical appearance

Neville is tall and lean with light blue skin. He has an oval-shaped head, yellow-green eyes, red hair and eyebrows, and a red pointed mustache. He wears a deep blue robe.


  • Various portraits of a man resembling Neville can be found throughout the mansion, specifically in the Parlor, Study, and Master Bedroom. These portraits may depict Neville when he was still alive.
  • The book that he reads is titled "Mario Story", which is the Japanese name of the original Paper Mario game.