Nevan is a character and party member from Dragon Quest VI. He is an egotistical priest from Ghent.


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Base Stats


Level Ability MP Cost Effect
10 Poof 1 Makes undead family enemies disappear.
10 Heal 2 Restores at least 30 HP to one ally.
10 Squelch 2 Removes the poison status effect from one ally.
10 Woosh 2 Slices through a group of enemies with a small whirlwind.
10 Midheal 5 Restores at least 75 HP to one ally.
11 Fizzle 3 Prevents an enemy group from using spells.
13 Zing 10 Sometimes revives one ally.
15 Swoosh 4 Slices through a group of enemies with a powerful whirlwind.
17 Tingle 2 Cures all allies of sleep and paralysis.
19 Fullheal 7 Completely heals one ally.
21 Whack 4 A cursed incantation that sends one enemy to the hereafter.



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